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Women and Family: Moving into 2018 by Brad Weisman

It is always important to reflect on the past year as it closes for us all. Sure, we all had some things that were not so fun, however we all have prevailed. Haven’t we….we are still here….living each day…and grasping at what is next. The “Next” is what you make of it…..make your grasp further than your reach! It is critical to make a reflection part of your current reality in some ways. The not so good stuff becomes a constant reminder….the rainbows ahead are a vision……and we all should dream a little with some thresholds in place.

2017 for me has been a time of self-discovery……embracing my kids and learning how they are growing up……and have some of my DNA (hopefully not too much of it), but mostly watching them coming into their own. It was a year of learning how to relax……tone down my anxiety about the trivial things and to not be so neurotic….and listen and learn from my sweet Melissa. It was a year to see which friends remain the good ones…. which ones have failed me and I had to let go…. 2012 was the best year of my life and I hope it was for all of you. For anyone who suffered pain…. I can only hope it is starting to distance you from the good that is ahead. The good is ahead…I can be certain of that.

The future is once again filled with uncertainty. Climbing the North Face of a mountain brings uncertainty with all the tough elements; however, people will get to the top and hold their hands high! We should all challenge ourselves this year further than we ever have. When one faces the tough elements in life they find strength they never knew they had creating muscle memory……speed…….thick skin…..and depth to their soul. Make 2018 the year you do more for your family…..friends…kids…..personal goals…….take it all the way. Running the half marathon is ok….running a full marathon or scaling a mountain on the north side is where you need to go. Take your heart and emotions to places you will benefit from as will others in your life. Embrace fear……hard work….and uncertainty. Don’t do any of this to brag aloud, but rather keep it to yourself and know you were behind your own destiny and perhaps the good destiny of others.

Own your life and the happiness you can bring to the people around you in 2018 and beyond. I live by these principles……have since I was a little boy. I am ok with failure…..and privately enjoy success alone….and love to share what feels right with others. 2018 is going to be a good one if we all remain in the right mental state of being simply positive. Don’t let the bad noise stop you from smiling each day……..EVER! Remember one thing is for sure…people make people happy…..not your new car…..big house…or anything else. Think of what makes you laugh the hardest and provides you the most comfort…..it is your friends and family:)  Happy New Year to you all!

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Walt Alexander

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