Women and Family: Not Acceptable! by Brad Weisman

We live in society where title and privilege come with a set of rules. Does this mean you are entitled to exercise power to those you feel are beneath you? Even more important, are you able to do things that could be viewed as unacceptable. Well, there seems to be a surge of people with positions of power that have taken their powers to another level.

Having power and entitlement does not give anyone good reasoning to be abusive. There has been an onslaught of famous people and executives all over the world that are now getting the wrath they once gave to others. Perhaps social media has its benefits by being able to unleash bad press with a far reach.

Finally, we have people speaking out and being honest (most of the time) about what is going on in the work place……..film careers etc. As a result, the picture once painted of people like Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer is quite the opposite to the publics reflection. In fact, it is far different…evil…..leveraging power…..and making others feel tremendous discomfort. These actions have most likely been problems for years, however the new world is not afraid to uncover what has been protected. Does this change the work place and behavior for years to come? We can only hope.

Most importantly, people of power should treat everyone with ample respect. It is the employees who ultimately make a leader look good….gain respect….and most importantly get ahead. Few teams win by one individual, but it is rather a team that champions success. What we have seen in the news is unfortunate, however it is a strong lesson to treat people with respect….dignity and honesty. There is no need to undermine the people who help you get ahead. Ever!

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Walt Alexander

Walt Alexander

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