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Women and Family by Brad Weisman: The Virtual World Misses Human Variables

We continue to see technology change the communication method of conducting business. In fact, today you can be a leader in a company of any size and still get the job done absent of physically being there. However, with this virtual world is a lack of personal touch that is often appreciated. Building any relationship requires some form of a strong physical impression that lasts longer than an email or text message. This raises the question that technology should bridge a stronger human element to the communication of the future. I don’t doubt there is something extremely efficient about texts….cell calls….email…..and video conferencing, however bring that human element along side of technology.

Today customer service plays a huge role in building loyalty to customers and is often the reason why loyalty gets abandoned quickly. It is sad that we find ourselves challenged with following the conversation from someone who is many miles away…..it has become less personal…..more about providing some form of customer service and doing it cheap to help the bottom line. No matter how many levels of support you have in customer service the most important variable is forming a connection that brings people back. As much as customer service is there to help they should also be sticking around to create customer loyalty……capturing customer information…..and most important forming a relationship. Technology continues to speed up the way we do business…….at times it makes things cheaper…..and hopefully the future of technology keeps the human element part of the ingredients. Customer loyalty is a HUGE part of what creates sustainable revenue year in and year out. In the long run companies need to focus on customer retention as much as new customer acquisition. The one to one personal relationship is a nice touch and can only happen by a person to a person from a person. Even families need to put the technology down and bring themselves to conversation. A lot can

be discovered when talking that is deeper than the surface of your smart phone

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