SPORTS by Brad Weisman: Giving Back On and Off The Court

Many kids dream of being a professional athlete in their early years. It is a great thing to dream big and let reality find you over time. However, those dreams do become reality for some and others have visions of something that extends beyond “sports”. Peter Ezugwu is what one might consider a bit of an anomaly…….you would have to meet him to understand what that means.

As a young man growing up in England, he was fortunate to attend a private school which set the stage for a fine education. However, he didn’t just attend school, but also was excelling in the classroom. It is important to understand his intellect was matching his size and strength. You see….Peter is was anything, but ordinary and was in fact extraordinary. Before he ever picked up a basketball he was focused on other sports. Oh….did I mention he played a myriad of sports which included: soccer, rugby, cricket, track and the last sport in line was basketball. Peter is big in stature and body strength that just might remind you of Lebron James. Peter found basketball last, but always realized sports were a part of his heart, however education or maybe changing the world encompassed the majority of who he is and wants to become. Does it mean because you are good at something you were meant to do it? Perhaps that may be true in some cases, however Peter knew early in life that he needed validation in this world that was outside of sports. He had the intellect to go to law school and pursue further education, however he had even bigger plans.

He came to the US and played division I basketball and Eastern Michigan and was a stand out. Playing professional basketball overseas provided Peter a chance to see the world and become enamored in the sport and afford a healthy lifestyle. It also allowed him to see the good and the bad in this world. Ultimately, his career on the court ended abruptly and it was time to move on. However, this time it was no longer contributing as a player on the court. Peter had a deeper purpose and his intellect was forming a plan that would move quickly.

As Peter so pointedly put it, “We live in a watered-down world”. Many kids today live with a sense of entitlement. Kids today lack confidence and are faced with a social media society which has its negative effects. There is not much of a platform that combines sports and life lessons housed in one place.

These thoughts were the beginning of building the Future Stars Organization.

Future Stars combines international experience and life lessons that go a step beyond the court. Future Stars empowers youth to embrace character enrichment delivered through sports camps/leagues, educational programs, and overall mentorship.

Yes, Future Stars has already helped shape and change the lives of overall 12,000 kids. In a world where negativity is often being harvested Future Stars is a bright spot. As a parent of three kids I can only see Future Stars as an avenue to preparing youth for the future in a positive setting that is not obtrusive. In fact, it is a healthy extension of education outside of school.

By Brad Weisman

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Walt Alexander

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