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Women and Family: Don’t Build a Monster by Brad Weisman

As a parent it is so critical to teach your kids in such a way they graduate to adulthood over time. Not at easy task who is to say what is the right way. However, with that said you don’t want to build a monster.

Years ago I worked with a brilliant woman in a marketing department. Young and exceptionally bright. It was obvious that she understood her space (CRM) and brought great value. However, I want to profess one thing that is very important – she was about 26. She was often told how great she was and developed what I like to call an unhealthy level of confidence. She often would talk down to people who were senior to her by 10 to 15 years. She would repeatedly bully them and make them feel like they worked for her. The bigger problem was that she had the right senior people under her finger. They simply built a monster.



She was a cancer to the office. The day she departed I could only imagine the relief others felt. I once tried to put her in her place, but she ignored my words. Her conduct was deplorable in the corporate environment. In particular with people that were seasoned and were veterans in some cases. Today she has a high level role once again in another company. I can assure one thing for sure – the new company will have a cancer in the building that will pull the walls down. It will happen.

This same problem often happens with children. I have seen many young athletes whose parents talk about how awesome their kid is. We all want to believe our kid is going to be a pro, however there still has to be a level set when it comes to reality. When kids fist pump when they hit a homer…score a goal…..are in the end zone…..we quickly forget they are often a cancer to the locker room. Negative energy….bullying……talking other athletes down to a stupor never created winners anywhere.

Success comes from within…..focusing….heads-down….and having a healthy amount of confidence…..not talking outwardly about how many degrees you have or pedigree, but rather being a good listener.  Monsters typically come from the people that create an environment that enables the monster.


Brad Weisman

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