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Women and Family: Love and Passion by Brad Weisman

We all want are kids to dream big and go after what they want out of life, however how often to instill the importance about being passionate. This article is intended to hit us all with the importance of embracing passion in the roads we decide to travel down.

Winning is not easy. Being the guy picked first is not easy. Lastly, knowing how to get either is not easy to understand, however I have some of my own feelings about this subject I wanted to share. I do not profess to be some kind of expert on this sort of thing, but I am a father of three trying to spoil my kids with a few life lessons my father taught me. He was a regular pro when it came to spoiling me that way and not showering me with toys and games. That is right… I was spoiled with life lessons I use as an adult I learned as a kid.

Success does not come with out struggle, however it is a whole lot easier to be successful if you are having fun getting there. Equally if you are losing the game, but having fun it becomes easier to accept loss. Having fun….enjoyment…passion contributes to your success. How? Well, I can’t be certain, but I would like to believe your happiness propels you to further your step toward success. On the contrary if you lack passion….excitement….you most likely are going to fail. Even worse, the feelings that proceed your failure will be negative and most likely will linger.

My point – LOVE what you are going after and success will be incurred and take shape in some form. I know way to many attorneys (along with other professionals) who hate what they do for a living…..don’t like who they have become…..and struggle to sleep at night. Even with the healthy paycheck I find it hard to believe that is a fulfilling professional life. Ultimately, that lack of happiness cascades down to other parts of their life. So – find what you love….go for it…..embrace it…do your best….and know full well you will be far closer to victory than others.

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