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The Best Gym Bags For Men

By Elite Porgie


A vast number of gym bags have been designed to accommodate the modern man who prefers spending his day at the gym toning his body. These bags come with different variables and features, and it’s up to the user to choose and pick a bag that stands out from the rest. The following is a list of the most used and highly rated gym bags in the current market.

Adidas Backpack Pocket-able Back 2

Pros: Great feel and outlook

Cons: Non-detachable side handles

Great Outlook: Adidas have been known to produce high-quality sporting products, and this bag comes as a no surprise. It comes with a backpack strap as well as a pair of side handles. These side straps allow you to switch quickly between the back strap option and the side handles hence increasing flexibility. A well organized and zipped compartment allows you to store and pack your clothes with no difficulties at all.

Under Armour Undeniable II Duffle Bag Steel

Pros: Huge Size

Cons: Noisy clip beads

Steel Appearance: This Under Armour bag is undeniably a long lasting bag and it’s no wonder it goes by the name steel. These materials can resist bad weather and foreign objects which may damage it. The steel appearance also makes it highly attractive especially during the hot sunny weather. The internal holding area is big enough to accommodate a large number of clothes and shoes which makes this bag ideal for a regular gym individual.

New Nike Team Training Max Air Medium Duffle Bag

Pros: Dual main zip and side mesh pockets

Cons: Non-detachable side handles

Classy Appearance: This New Nike duffle bag is made from polyester which makes it durable and protects it from external damages such as severe weather. The polyester fabric is water-resistant which simply keeps your clothes safe and dry. Unlike other types of straps, this bag comes with Max Air straps which are lightweight and well cushioned for absorbing shock. For those who prefer specialized storage, this duffle bag from Nike provides ventilated shoe pocket for both wet and dry clothes.

Fred Perry Contrast Stripe Barrel Bag

Pros: Easily detachable handles

Cons: PVC fabric used to make the bag wears and tears easily

Classic Feel: Though the PVC material used to make the bag wears easily, it provides a great feeling when cleaning and dusting the bag. To those with a high number of clothes to carry, this bag offers a huge compartment for easy packing and storage. It also comes with a double zip fastening feature which provides maximum safety and grip to the entire bag and its insides.

Ogio International X-Train 2 $94.27

Pros: Abrasion resistant base

Cons: Small internal compartments make it appear small

Fresh new look and compact: This Ogio International bag comes with multiple interior pockets which allow you to store a broad range of goods easily all at once. A compartment specifically designed for clothes is large enough to accommodate different clothes and shoes. For those who require carrying their personal gadgets such as phones, MP3 players, and wallets, this Ogio gym bag has a large number of small pockets specifically designed for this.

David King and Company 305T Extra Large Multi Pocket Duffel Tan $123.99

Cons: It has a large U-shaped zipper compartment as well as two different zipped pockets which are ideal for separating clean clothes from the dirty ones.

Pros: It has no perfect structure.

The King Feeling: It comes with an inside pocket which provides maximum security for personal gadgets such as mobile phones and wallets. For those who prefer hand carrying a bag rather than shoulder carrying it, this bag comes with a removable shoulder strap which increases flexibility to the user.

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  1. July 3, 2017 at 7:37 am — Reply

    Great quality for the easygoing exercise center enthusiest. I would state on the off chance that you like bulkier strong athletic shoes and you wear over a size 10 men, your shoes won’t fit extremely well. gym bag for men I needed to change to a couple of my indoor soccer shoes for this sack. I like the size and sum it can hold. I am 6’2″ 220lbs and it holds clean garments and a towel.

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