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The Best Of Winter – 6 Looks To Wear Right Now To Beat The Winter Blues


Written & Produced By James Vincent

February 12 – the dead of winter – at least in Chicago and other cities in the northern US. Winter has been around for a while now – but it just suddenly seems like it will never end. And there certainly can be a good bit of winter left. Even the walk of three blocks to catch the L to work is a test of endurance. Sure there are some who say “Embrace the cold – go skiing, skating, blah, blah, blah”. For those of us not so cherry and athletic, it’s a waiting game. So the only thing to do is endure it and wait. A little shopping can go a long way to cheer things up – there’s still some good sales going on – why not add to your winter wardrobe – you can wear things right now and you’ll have a good start on next winter’s wardrobe as well.


If you already haven’t gotten a hooded parka – and if there are even any left – start there. From our January 2016 fashion issue– It looked good then and it looks good now. Forget the traditional topcoat over your business suit that’s never quite warm enough – get there in style from work in a new parka. That’s right – a parka over a suit. It immediately says you want to be warm and speaks a fashion sense that’s your very own. Get one that’s roomy enough to go over a suit and it will also be versatile with a chunky cable knit sweater or a denim jacket – a great wardrobe piece for layered looks.


Parka, Michael Kors;  Suit, Brooks Brothers; Parka, Michael Kors; Shirt, Michael Kors; Tie, Ralph Lauren;  Boots, Penguin.

Parka, Michael Kors; Suit, Brooks Brothers; Shirt, Michael Kors; Tie, Ralph Lauren; Belt, Bill Adler; Pocket Square, Simonnot-Godard; Tie Bar, Vintage.

Photography, Alejandra Guerrero,; Model, Justin for Ford Models Chicago; Grooming, Ashley Condron; Styling, James Vincent, Shot on location at


Whatever your destination or activity when you need to look your best in winter, nothing beats a colorful plaid wool sport jacket. Trim and neatly tailored is the way to go. As here from our January 2017 issue

Just because its winter doesn’t mean you should schlep to work in an old, outdated wool sport coat. Spend a little extra on this wardrobe staple – you’ll be glad you did. A classic All American  wool sport coat is always a good investment for winter – especially a plaid –  because it will give you endless shirt and tie options. It can just as easy go to the office as a night on the town. It will also have the versatility of being dressed down.



Sport Jacket, Polo Ralph Lauren; Shirt, Polo Ralph Lauren; Trousers, Louis Raphael;  Tie, Michael Kors; Pocket Square & Belt, Nordstrom Rack; Tie Bar, Vintage; Shoes & Socks, Model’s.

Photography, Alejandra Guerrero,; Model, Ryne, for Ford Models Chicago; Grooming, Ashley Condron; Styling, James Vincent,; Shot on location at


A good versatile sport jacket can also become a layered outerwear piece for that rare winter thaw day when 40 degrees seems downright balmy. From our January 2016 issue– layer it up with a hoodie, jean jacket or a bulky cable knit sweater, a scarf and gloves and you’re good to go on a temperate late winter day.



Sport Coat, Tommy Hilfiger; Zippered Sweat Jacket, Antony Morato; Tee, Public Opinion; Jeans, Citizens of Humanity; Gloves, Fownes; Scarf, Cashmaire; Belt, Bill Adler.

Photography, Alejandra Guerrero,; Model, Justin, for Ford Models Chicago; Grooming, Ashley Condron; Styling, James Vincent,; Shot on location at


What says winter like flannel? From our January 2015 issue – It’s always great to have a soft, don’t-care-if-it-wrinkles flannel shirt in winter. Whether it’s to pack for a trip to have on hand for a Saturday morning/afternoon of seeing the sights or just lazily lounging around all day doing nothing with friends and family. Ratchet up the look with a good pair of jeans – a dark wash looks great with anything – and they can easily be dressed up later with a jacket.





Shirt & tee, H&M; Jeans, Boss Hugo Boss; Bandana, Levis
Shirt & Tee, H&M; Jeans, Boss Hugo Boss; Bandana, Levis.

Photography, G. Thomas Ward,; Model, Krystian for Ford Models Chicago; Grooming,  Ashley Condron; Styling, James Vincent,

Winter is always a good time to wear that crazy sweater you got for Christmas – from our January 2016 issue – Sometimes a day or evening just requires that you be comfortable – and warm.  Stay warm, comfortable and on trend with this ‘70’s retro graphic inspired sweater jacket. Its warm enough layered up for outdoors – the hood will give you extra protection – and comfortable indoors as well. Add in a pair of deconstructed jeans and you’ve got a comfortable and interesting weekend look.




Sweater Jacket, David Bitton; Tee, Tommy Hilfiger; Jeans, Levis
Sweater Jacket, David Bitton; Tee, Tommy Hilfiger; Jeans, Levis; Belt, Bill Adler.

Photography, Alejandra Guerrero,; Grooming, Ashley Condron; Styling, James Vincent,; Shot on location at

And finally since everyone knows what comes after winter is – well, if not outright spring, at least the next best thing – not all out winter. Maybe it’s just about time to think about wha’s up next for the wardrobe – from our March 2015 issue – Since it is still cold, and spring fashion isn’t all that far away, go ahead and invest in a spring weight top coat that could easily work in late winter as well.  Don’t think of a top coat as only for winter – it is an essential piece for any man’s wardrobe be it winter or spring fashion.  This slim, navy, cotton trench coat will work with anything in your wardrobe. Here with a sport coat, tie and trousers – it’s a traditional classic stand out. It can also work just as well without a jacket over a wsinter weight sweater and jeans – pick your own wash. Again, the idea is to think beyond the items’ initial purpose. This trench works on many levels – take it from a rainy weekend knocking around to that same rain on Monday over your business suit. The trench coats’ plainness is its’ virtue at the same time – it will work with anything.

shot 3

Trench, H&M; Shirt, John W. Nordstrom; Tie, Nordstrom Rack.

Photography, Diana Kim; Model, Anderson for Ford Models Chicago; Grooming, Ashley Condron; Styling, James Vincent,

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James Vincent

James Vincent

JD Vincent is a freelance visual merchandiser and display designer based in Chicago, IL, with a life-long interest in fashion. He has been a local Chicago display designer for many years and has been an independent contractor in wholesale and retail visual merchandising for 20 years. He started the wholesale tradeshow design company, tradeshowoffs! in 2013. You can see his company’s wholesale and retail projects at His visual merchandising clients have included well-known companies such as Reebok, The North Face, Cartier, the Chicago Merchandise Mart as well as many other local retail and wholesale companies. His product focus in recent years has been in the men’s wear tailored arena. He has honed his professional styling skills with companies such as Hart Schaffner Marx, Zegna, Hickey Freeman, Kenneth Cole, DKNY amongst many others. Mr. Vincent currently resides in Chicago and works as an independent visual merchandiser and designer for both retail and wholesale companies that include, among others, Bobby Jones, Hickey Freeman as well as yet to be discovered new clients.

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