Women and Family: As Families, We Shop Everywhere! by Brad Weisman

Nearly 30% plus of shopping is now being done online and on the rise. 50% or more of kids have a cell phone. It is becoming clear that the shopping experience in our lives as well as are kids is changing. The digital economy has taken away from the manual labor and given parents and kids a button to make things happen.

It is becoming increasingly more evident that shopping behavior is changing at a rapid pace. Technology continues to take the old consumer and give them new devices to connect to commerce. We often hear about concerns that retail is some what becoming extinct, however that is hardly true and technology will only bridge it all together faster. As the US continues to become more global it is interesting to understand what is going on outside of the US. In several places around the world mobile devices are the only way to connect to the internet driving mobile commerce in wonderful places. In other parts of the world the internet connection is faster than what we witness in the US creating a better experience for the user. The digital kiosk is out there hanging in retailers in the US…..and in places outside of the US….creating an experience……..used to collect data…..and in some cases open larger doors to an assortment that can’t all be housed in one location. Tablet commerce continues to move forward as it is the technology in most peoples hands…..creating yet another opportunity to make a purchase…..get information and maybe just go to the store.

At the end of the day it is nice to get out of the house and walk around a store…….and ofcourse we all are texting and looking up information from the latest tech while in the store. Lets do it together!!!!!

Today we do shop everywhere and have wallets in places that extend outside of the traditional wallet directly linked to a digital wallet. In the end retail and tech need to connect closer realizing they can work together and there is no threat on either side. Having a direct model for any company should be a good thing……majorrands caught on long ago…….and some major brands that have held out have had their own reasons. However, the consumer expects it everywhere…….as the old saying goes “The customer is always right”. The customer today digs social media even when they are complaining about it. Tech is driving communication….information…….time…….delivery…….location….. content….and the consumer experience outside of the store and in it. Lets not lost the opportunity to embrace this change together.

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Walt Alexander

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