Devotional 2/7: Nevada Smith and the Secret Treasure Part3

Nevada Smith was a film starring Steve McQueen from 1966. I imagine that is where Steven Speilberg and/or George Lucas got the inspiration for the name, Indiana Jones. However, with respect to Steve McQueen and/or Harold Robbins (the author of the novel the film was based on), I would like to tell a story about him. You can consider it fan-fiction if you choose (no copyright infringement is intended or attempted). However, in some ways, i think it parallels Steve McQueen’s story.


The old buildings and wooden structures of the town of Patmos were a welcome sight to Nevada as he crested a hill. It had taken a lot for him to get there. Not only had he had his stuff stolen by some unknown force, but he his feet were sore and he had had been bitten by a snake on his hand.  His father had always told him, “If you are not smart, you better be tough!” Thankfully, it was not poisonous.

The town below was a welcome sight. He trudged into town, stubbing his foot on a rock that Lou had stragetically placed. He smelled bad and looked bad and the townspeople gave him a wide berth.  He sat down on a store’s porch. He pulled out a smelly $10 bill in he had secreted in his boot.  Shuffling around he found the jail where John was incarcerated.

Nervously, he approached the front desk. “I am here to see John” he said. “Uh, John did you say? Old John has been here a llllooooonnnnngggg time. He does not get a lot of visitors, are you sure?” “Yes Sir, I have walked a long way to see him!” “Well ok…but I warn you he is old and tends to talk nonsense. Just wait here.” The guard disappeared. Nevada paced nervously, ‘Maybe this was not such a great idea’ he thought. “Ok come this way. I will be back here if you need me. He is an old kook.” The guard led to the last cell in the cell block. If Nevada smelled like he had walked for a week in the sun and heat, the smell from the cage was much worse.

In the back of the cage, covered in unwashed hair and rags sat a man (was there a man underneath all of that?). But it was not the smell or the repugnant sight that shocked Nevada. It was the man’s eyes. They were bright and searching, clear and piercing. A voice emerged from the aberration. “So you want to here about the map?””How do you know?” “I can see in you. I can see it in your face. It is not for everyone though, everyone is invited”. “Mister, its an uphill journey.” he continued.”Well, I reckon I have come this far, might as well see its all about” Nevada drawled. “The old criminal stirred with a strength that scared Nevada. Where did that come from? “Then show me your map and I will share with you the secrets of the originator of the treasure and the secrets of the map itself.”

Nevada’s head reeled as he sat and took it out. “The seek not the treasure, but the treasure’s owner” John said. “If you find Him, He MAY give you the treasure.””You are not the treasure’s owner?” asked Nevada. “I posses it but I am not the owner” laughed John.


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Walt Alexander

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