SPORTS: A Living Legend of The Game by Brad Weisman

We are just a few days away from Super Bowl 52. The Super Bowl is upon us; however, one thing has changed as much as it has remained a constant. Tom Brady has been a staple of big games and once again yet another chance to be a Super Bowl champion. He has played in 7 Super Bowls in his career of which he has won 5. These are the numbers you may read about when someone has left the game and left a legacy. However, Tom Brady is a living legend and his age has not compromised his ability to produce as a player. He is 40 years old, however his abilities continue to show great athletic prowess and longevity. As the New England Patriots take the field against the Philadelphia Eagles it is hard not to look at the statistics Brady has compiled over his career:

· Brady has appeared in the most playoff games in NFL history with 34

· He leads the NFL all-time in postseason passing yards (over 9K)

· He leads the NFL all-time with the most 300-yard games in post season history

· Brady has reached 4,000 passing yards in a single season eight times over the course of his career

This list is a small slice of the many records Tom Brady owns and is about to accomplish. What makes his story sensational is that at 40 years old he continues to be a threat to all opponents. His age has simply not defined him, but rather confused us all. The typical life span of an NFL quarterback is a short one and being free from injury is nearly impossible. Tom Brady has lead a career that has been somewhat free of injury, but certainly not free of being near perfect. He is a freak of nature for his age and one often wonders when his game will slow down.


Can Tom Brady win another Super Bowl this weekend? Well, his stats prove he is more than capable of earning another ring. His alternative training methods have allowed him to last in the game and still be a winner. This is not just about winning the Super Bowl, but also proving being a veteran brings guidance to the table. He is no longer one of the younger players, however his is a leader with experience of tremendous depth. Playing against Tom Brady could mean being sucked into the abys of a place where your team loses vision. His ability to be unpredictable and do whatever it takes to win is inevitable.

Super Bowl 52 will be exciting, however most of the excitement will come from Tom Brady. How could anyone be surprised if the result is victorious for the Patriots. If anyone knows what it means to win it is most certainly Tom Brady. Let the games begin this weekend!

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