Devotional 1/31: Nevada Smith and the Secret Treasure Part 2

Nevada Smith was a film starring Steve McQueen from 1966. I imagine that is where Steven Speilberg and/or George Lucas got the inspiration for the name, Indiana Jones. However, with respect to Steve McQueen and/or Harold Robbins (the author of the novel the film was based on), I would like to tell a story about him. You can consider it fan-fiction if you choose (no copyright infringement is intended or attempted). However, in some ways, i think it parallels Steve McQueen’s story.


Now Nevada thought himself a smart man. He packed plenty of water and some foodstuffs for munching for his trip to see his friend, John. Early shafts of brilliance glistened off the shop windows as he walked out of town. His legs were aching with anticipation of learning the secrets of the map.

But there was one thing that he in fact, did not anticipate. That was that not only did the people at the bar laugh at him for going, there was one in the bar who actually did not want him to go. It was an evil person, covered in old flesh and white hair, who answered to the name of Lou. He made his home in the shadows of the bar, the street, anywhere. He wanted Nevada staying in his chair,  in the same place as him. Misery loved Nevada’s company and Lou was not letting one get away due to some lofty dreams of riches and love. Lou just had to swallow his jealousy until the darkness came.

Nevada started out close to the ground, just a little spot but as the day wore on he got taller and thinner until the moon totally engulfed him and he had to stop for the night. He picked a good spot and started a fire, rolled out his rucksack and dreamed of finding his treasure. Where in his dreams, he was rich, when he awoke, things were very different. There was a foul stench in the air.

He looked around for his sack, it was not there. It had been there last night. He looked for his canteen, his food bag, no where. “What the…?” He had another two days of walking! “Of all of the lousy things that could have happened!” A scream of frustration and contemplative silence.

He knew the map in his head, he didn’t need it. He knew the land like an old hat he had worn millions of times. He knew the sources of water and how to catch a fish or a rabbit or something like it.

No, he was not going to let this stop him. He wanted the treasure and was going to get it.

Thats when he heard it. The babbling brook, calling to him. Obeying it, he went. It was full of fish.

Hey, maybe the treasure wanted him to find it more than he wanted to find the treasure!

That did not mean it was going to be easy.

Now, Lou and the darkness screamed silently as Nevada picked himself up and kept moving.


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Walt Alexander

Walt Alexander

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