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Women and Family: How Education Has Changed by Brad Weisman

We have all succumb to the notion that being educated will get us ahead. Even more interesting is how location plays a role in education. 50% of high school graduates attend college within 100 miles of their hometown. 72% remain in state to keep the burden of expenses down. Future students are being forced to rethink attending colleges that are of great distance and expense. We are currently seeing only 11% of students venture off more than 500 miles away from home.

However, with all the complications of cost and “real” education we often wonder what direction is the future heading?

There is some school of thought that the value of an education has changed considerably since the inception of online education. Universities have turned education into big business and are always looking to drive additional revenue. Is this at the expense of crippling the educational system? Well, one this is for sure and that is education has been diluted from the online platform. There are so many ways to earn a degree today. Online education has allowed for easy accessibility to take classes and learn from a far. However, is learning online the same college experience many of us had years ago? Is the social aspect of education now quickly becoming a missing link? There is something special about college kids living on a campus and learning to interact with different people….cultures and speak directly with professors. The college experience we all once knew is quickly diminishing all at the expense of universities wanting to simply increase their bank accounts.

The bigger question is what is on the horizon for education?

Are kids better off attending trade schools or starting their own business? Once might believe that a more linear education to a profession is a more fruitful experience. As an entrepreneur, I can vouch for the learnings that come out of making mistakes and turning them into some level of success. The best way to learn from my experience is to make mistakes. As for trade schools, they are focused and provide students a chance to really dig into the elements of a specific industry. I strongly believe we will see an uptick in trade schools due to minimal cost comparted to traditional education and more attention to specific industries.


I can’t help, but divert my attention to the socialization piece kids are missing today in education.

People skills and a high emotional quotient play a big factor in any business. I most recently was on a major college campus only to see students burying their faces into their smart phones. Students no longer speak and play a more active role in social feeds. It is sad that students spend more time creating digital memories than real life experiences. Education comes from living and not slamming an IPAD to your face. Experiences are generated from events in life and understanding how to navigate. Not even google maps can take you through life. Technology may be guiding education today, however I am a huge advocate of learning/education by interacting offline. It is amazing what you can learn from a conversation that goes far beyond a digital chat.

Please note: That any suggestions are based on personal experiences and knowledge garnered from self-education.  Neither Menofvalue.com or Brad Weisman offer any guarantees or are responsible for the consequences for any advice taken.

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