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7 Inexpensive Pieces of Exercise Equipment That Will Keep You Fit Year-Round


Staying fit is a 365-day-a-year task, and getting to the gym is not always possible. Work schedules, family emergencies and bad weather can keep you away from the workout you need, both physically and psychologically. However, if you keep these seven inexpensive pieces of exercise equipment on hand, you will be able to maintain your fitness goals, regardless of obstacles.


Yoga Mat

You should have a good quality yoga mat ready for impromptu yoga positions and exercises whenever the spirit moves you. Doing yoga early in the morning is a great way to start the day by stretching out the body after sleep, increasing your energy and putting you in a relaxed state of mind. A good quality mat will cost between $20 to $40.


Hand Weights

A few hand weights will allow you to make the most of your exercise time by adding additional resistance. A small set of weights can cost as little as $40. Weights that attach to wrists or ankles with Velcro are also a good idea. These cost $25 to $50.


Resistance Bands

Resistance bands allow you to stretch your body in ways that ordinary exercises can’t, and they also add resistance to make exercise more effective. Bands range in price between $20 and $50.


Stability Ball

Stability balls, sometimes called balance balls, help to work on your core muscles, balance and flexibility. You can use them to support your back for sit-ups or encourage you to add effort when doing lifting moves with your legs. Stability balls vary widely in price. You can get one for as little as $30; others are priced as high as $100 or more.


Core Wheel

If the core of your body is the chief focus for your routine, a core wheel can add variety to your workouts. Wheels help you to work at keeping your arms sleek and slim. Try a number of models to determine which is most comfortable for you. Core wheels are available in a variety of materials and price ranges. Moderately priced models range from $15 to $30.



Kettlebells are weights that are equipped with a handle that allows it to be lifted with a center of gravity that extends beyond the hands. These weights can be used to increase strength and flexibility in the shoulders, lower back and legs. Kettlebells are available in a variety of materials and range in price from $17 to $64 for each bell.



Your bicycle is an important piece of equipment in warm weather, helping to keep leg muscles toned and tight. You can still get your cycling time in, even when snow is on the ground, if you purchase a bicycle trainer that turns your regular bicycle into a stationary bike. Prices for trainer stands range from $40 to $100.


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