SPORTS United Nations by Brad Weisman

Sports play a pivotal role in many people’s lives. In particular, they are a place for kids to “dream” big and live through their heroes. At times, they become a way to unify the world. This February marks the long awaited winter Olympics to begin. It is the largest national competition of its kind forcing different countries and races to compete all under the same roof. It is an event that is one of a kind and perhaps has athletes that play from the heart and not for the dollar. Literally, all of the countries in the world come together with their very best world class athletes.

It is far more than a sporting event, but rather a time of worldly unity.

Soccer is one of the few sports we see today where there is a international flavor, however the Olympics still has leverage. What is most interesting is these are unpaid athletes working their hardest to protest international history. It is one of the few times where people of very different origin embrace each other and the excitement of competition. It is a time where kids can learn about the importance of people more than the sport itself.


We currently live in a world of severe separation across many nationalities…..religions etc. Perhaps speedskating…bob sled…figure skating……skiing can bring together what we see as divided nations. It is a time to accept each other…..respect each other…and give kids a chance to dream more than they have before. Olympic dreams are more than the competition, but rather the excitement of unifying nations albeit brief. Let The PyeongChang Olympics of 2018 begin in February, but even better lets allow the melting pot unify. 88 countries participate in these games which accompany close to 3000 athletes that span the globe. This is as good as anytime for kids to “dream” about the world coupled with the best athletes competing at the highest level. It is interesting to think that Albania has boycotted the Olympics 4 times. Perhaps they have failed to understand the importance of unity.

Today we unify as a world and for the winter Olympic athletes who train so hard. To date, the US has won 282 total medals in the winter games right behind Norway. Go USA and all the countries participating and setting strong examples for future athletes.

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