Devotional 12/27: Thank You!

Whew! What a year!  I am so thankful for so many things from so many people that helped get us through the tough times.

Of course, I thank James Riordan for working hard to get us the weekly current events updates. He did a good job of addressing a lot of the scariest current events with Putin and North Korea and Donald Trump and viewing the changing cultural landscape.

James Riordan
James Riordan


J.D. Vincent worked so, so hard this past year with the articles of food, fashion, and fitness. There is a lot that goes into putting those fashion articles together, more than you know.


Brad Weisman also worked hard for us and we are grateful. Considering all the crazy stuff he had to deal with outside of MOV, he is a miracle-worker.



We also thank Sev Meneshian,  Ken Green and Ted Nicholas for allowing us to interview them and find out how they are putting their faith in the Lord and their faith in America to work.

And a very special thanks to Jody Eldred, our Man of the Year!


BUT MOST OF ALL, WE THANK YOU for allowing us to remind you that you are not alone in this world as you try to implement your beliefs in the workplace and in the world, as you add value to your family, your communities, and the nation! We sincerely believe that the Lord blesses those who seek him and add Him to their day to day life and everything they do. As we saw in the past devotional series, THOSE WHO STOOD UP AND SIGNED, many of our founding fathers did the same and the Lord did bless them. But we are not done yet. We are going to make this year the best ever so stick around!!!!

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Walt Alexander

Walt Alexander

Walt Alexander is the editor-in-chief of Men of Value. Learn more about his vision for the online magazine for American men with the American values—faith, family & freedom—in his Welcome from the Editor.

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