SPORTS: College Football Means Big Business by Brad Weisman

College Football Means Big Business

As we enter the end of the year we gear up to complete the college football season. Teams like Alabama. The number one team in the country this year is Clemson coming a record with no losses. Interestingly enough, they will be playing Alabama who is ranked fourth in the country and some say did not deserve to be in the playoffs. This is all followed by Oklahoma taking on Georgia in the other bracket of the playoffs. This raises one big question many are asking? For the last 5 years or so we have watched Alabama make its way into the college football championship games. Ohio State has been in the same position over the last 4 years, but the tables have turned. What the heck happened to the big 10 conference and why are they not represented in the playoffs this year? Teams like Ohio State and Wisconsin who had a stellar season could not squeak into the playoff games.

There has been question as to the process of voting on which teams make into these big games. Is the NCAA process fair and at the end of the day is this all about money? For many, the argument is college football should be played like the NCAA basketball with a tournament at the end of the season. The tournament might be a more accurate way to depict who the best teams are in the country. It is an opportunity to also garner revenue and excitement around the teams and universities. Many of the major programs bring massive dollars to the universities. At the end of the day college football is big business no different than the NFL.

The question that still remains, should college football players be stipend? Major programs and their players drive in big dollars and don’t benefit in any monetary way. However, the players are responsible for handsome profits to the universities they attend. Should college players get paid is still an unanswered question. Don’t be surprised if we see changes down the road.

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