SPORTS by Brad Weisman: What Happened to Lance Armstrong?

Lance was forced out of the sport, however every so often he might show up on your radar. He will be regarded as a top cyclist and a failure all in one sentence.

At the end of the day Lance is still a freak of nature. Sure one could say performance enhancing drugs helped pave the way to his success, however I would argue most of his success comes from his heart……being relentless….at times ruthless……and wanting to win. There is no question that certain drugs will enhance strength and change the human body to win with less work. Who knows…….and who really cares is the bigger question. Not sure you can win as much as Lance and not say his heart helped bring him to the leader board.

It is upsetting that he lied, but then again people in a position of power lie everyday. In fact, people trying to get to a place of power lie all the time…compromising who they are to get ahead. Which is worse???? Changing who you are to get ahead or taking a drug to be stronger..faster…..etc. They all stink, but everyone in the public eye including athletes cut corners and will continue to if they want to be the best. This begs the question as to when you stop….move through your profession ethically…morally……and be true to yourself so you can be true to others.


Why hold anything against someone who is amazing and wanted to be better. His lack of honesty is where he might lose someone like me, but then again he beat the odds long ago. He was fatherless….at times penniless…..and had the drive most try to clutch onto to win the race of life.

Yes, I am not a fan of saying one thing and doing another…then again I am not in the public eye. Lance in my eyes is some what real regardless of what he did……and will lose in a sense. He truly was supposed to die of cancer and came back to compete and focus on winning……and do anything to win…..and he did that. There are differing opinions on all of this, however at the end of the day he has raised cancer awareness to high levels…..and he now is coming back with honesty. It is safe to say he knows he made a mistake and will pay the price. He will resurface regardless and still be remembered for what he did do for others who have survived cancer…….and that he has understood the importance of beating the odds……..he was not born into a chance of any success and look at what he became. Perhaps all of this will make him even a better man….more genuine and give him strength not even a drug can.

In many way’s his achievements from cancer outweigh anything he ever did on the bike.

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