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It is not commmon for everyones kid to be an overachiever in athletics. I suspect it is even less common to have a few kids that show promise in the very same discipline. Well… becomes even more narrow to think more than one of your kids could be olympic and worldclass caliber. What really are the chances the “great” stuff like this could really happen in one family. It has to be nearly impossible. However, I have seen it a few times in my past….the Heiden’s…..the Mill’s and perhaps their are a few others. However, the point is it is next to impossible to occur.

I was recently in West Allis Wisconsin at the Pettit National Ice Center ( and quickly met Nancy Swider-Peltz. I urge you all to go google her and you can learn about who she is and how she overachieved as an athlete. Nancy Sr. is extraordinary in ways few will ever touch. It goes deeper when you begin to understand how all of that overachieving has transcended down to her kids.

I was able to briefly meet Jeff Swider-Peltz while out in West Allis and have a quick chat. Aside from being a really nice guy it was clear he was gifted in a few ways. He is a speed skater with a bright future ahead every time his feet hit the ice, and very approachable. I suppose he could be different given his stature and the bright future ahead for him, but he is just an ordinary guy doing extraordinary things on and off the ice. Jeff is on his way and a very special youngman that just happens to be extraordinary.

Nancy Jr. holds the very same destiny and has already made one Olympic Speed Skating Team. I have never met her, but have watched her on the ice and training…..and noticing the linear focus that both her and Jeff share is truly a union. They are not just brother and sister, but clearly are supportive of each others success and lift each other up when needed.

Their mom Nancy Sr. has taken the very same path they are going down and focus is clear in her life. I once met her and the conversation was quick and it was clear her time was calculated. That day she was working out and very focused on putting forth her best effort and not one for casual conversation. Perhaps she was trying to be extraordinary that day in her own world and training. I could tell in her eyes focus was part of every second….minute…..and hour. That same laser sharp focus comes clear from both Nancy Jr. and Jeff.

Aside from all the focus and heading toward world class territory in their respective sport this family is grounded. They set an example as brother and sister…their mom is as supportive as any mother should be…..and I suspect their father is equally as wonderful (I have never met dad as of yet).

The DNA in this family is more than just about athletics, but rather a focus was placed on a positive posture on how to treat others and be grounded. As we watch and learn about this athletic family it is also important to know they are just as ordinary as you and I. Being ordinary is where we all start and becoming extraordinary comes from hard work. In watching Jeff briefly train one day you could see he knows nothing comes easy……he gives 120% 100% of the time as does his sister. As a country we are lucky to have young athletes like this who set a fine example and just so happen to be good people. I like that word “POSITIVE” and this family is a positive influence on and off the ice:)


Brad Weisman

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