SPORTS by Brad Weisman: The Greenbay Packers Bring Great History

I don’t even like the Packers. I do like Aaron Rodgers and I respect there well traveled fans. Actually it cracks me up when they state there are well traveling fans. Just because they see a decent amount of Green Bay or Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys at these stadiums two-thousand or so miles away from Wisconsin or Pennsylvania, or whatever team the fan may be rooted for openly in an opposing team’s stadium, they are well traveled. Hilarious, these are fans either deep –rooted originally from that other city, transplanted (that means living; not visiting) in that day’s opposing team city, (and happily so in most cases), or the team they picked as a kid to root for. There is another time for that to discuss…maybe.

No, I want to talk about how the NFL screwed one of its own members, these Packers, the other night. On the last play of the game, winning by less than a touchdown, fourth down, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback threw the old Hail Mary to corner of the end zone, hoping for a miracle. The defensive back from the Packers leaped up, picked off a pass in the end zone, cradled the ball down to his body, and after some rolling around on the floor with a Seahawks receiver, never losing possession, he finally was rewarded his game-saving interception. Well, that is what have should have happened.

But, now we can all thank the Packers and give them our sympathies as they were the team that tore us from the NFL’s grip of the ridiculous (replacement refs) and put us back in the competent hands (actually cradled in the arms and biceps of Ed Hochuli) of the real officials. The NFL and the Referees Association has ended their strife, come to an agreement, and Hochuli and the rest of our beloved officials (yeah wait till Week 7 or 8 when these guys blow a call, to return immediately. So, the Packers get an inexcusable loss, but the NFL players and fans benefit for the real officials are back.

So, despite their huge egos (when it states that the NFL is a multi-billion operation, that is like telling us that Jennifer Aniston is kind of pretty), and their indifference (Dallas Cowboy owner and probably most notable current NFL owner, Jerry Jones, didn’t even know what happened because he turned the game off at halftime), the NFL gave in, and returned something back to its die-hard and overabundant viewership, the fan. The NFL didn’t have to do this because it wouldn’t have curtailed or slowed NFL viewership and revenue machine. Simply, all they gave us reason to believe that a referee will not cost our team an obvious win. In most cases, as I have stated before, the player personal and coaches are more than capable of losing a game dumbfounding on their own. And thank those touchdown Lambeau leapers again for taking the hit to get us back on track.

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