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Women and Family by Brad Weisman: Blind Optimism

In a time where the US feels like it has turned upside down we need to have some form of blind optimism for ourselves and our families. We can cringe…..get upset…and perhaps fight with the strife going on between political parties, however what does that really do. Being optimistic usually gets you that much closer to something positive.

This has worked for me in business…

In 2002 a close friend told me my idea to start a company was nothing more than a silly pipe dream. I did the next best thing and ignored is ignorance……I mean arrogance. I went out with my business partner Lee and raised money and we were off to the races. We never killed it, but man were we on are way. We had “blind optimism” and nobody could talk us out of what we were going to embark on. Sure it was a pipe dream……..shouldn’t everyone have a pipe dream they go after? Crap…I think you should have tons of pipe dreams and believe in yourself more than anyone around you.

I have left many voicemails on Mark Cubin’s phone number and he doesn’t return any of my calls. Sometimes I throw in my fake NY accent and still no returned calls. In the end I know he will call me back eventually because of my “blind optimism”. The great thing is I have nothing really to share with him….don’t want his money….and don’t care if we ever speak….. just want to prove to myself that a nutjob like me could do something that would get through to him. I am not sure he cares about the smores business I want to open…kidding. I do have ideas, however his fortune and fame won’t be needed for these ideas to succeed. Just a massive dose of “blind optimism”:)

This has also worked for me at home too…

As a parent, I have raised my kids to dream beyond the horizon and couple those dreams with an abundance of optimism. This school of thought allows for positive energy to fall into the right places. It fosters an environment of creativity and positive outcomes for everyone involved.

In the end there is a ton of “negative” stuff to think about in today’s world, however this is an even larger opportunity to have “blind optimism” more than ever before. Good stuff cascades into good things all over if you think with those silly rose colored glasses. So…..stop being a sour puss and move the country forward……understand realities…..but smile all day….every day….and I assure you the outcome will be better when faced with any reality. I love being American and would rather have “blind optimism” than complain about who is or who is not in office!

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Walt Alexander

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