SPORTS by Brad Weisman: New Year Ahead For the Arizona Coyotes

Imagine having a job for years and reporting to the same location everyday. Let me caveat that with not knowing if you will be reporting to the same location everyday. Yup, that is correct when I state the Arizona (formerly Phoenix) Coyotes have been in limbo with ownership ever since I have lived here, however that is now under control. During that time the team and management have all been forced to go head down and focus and ignore the external noise from the media. I can’t tell you how much I have read that is not true about this team that has stuck together during some pretty deep lows. Today with new ownership things are changing. The team is making aggressive trades and making changes with coaching etc. The “Yotes” as they are affectionately called have taken on some fantastic young players and have seasoned veterans who can still play the game. Even better, they play as a team on the ice…..emotionally……and are cohesive with their fan base.


The new young talent and coaching staff is bringing a new energy to the team and city. Who would think the NHL could be in the dessert? The truth is youth hockey in Phoenix has increased participation by virtue of having a pro team. Resilience is important in any sport, but it really carries over in life. It is what you do during the tough times and how you celebrate with maturity. The Arizona Coyotes have become resilient through the test of time and are expected to be building an exciting franchise to compete. Let the NHL season commence!

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