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Women and Family: Home System by Brad Weisman

Many prep schools across the country have this thing they call the “Honor System”. This very same system flows through a few universities in the US. Back in the day I believe Colorado College was one of the few universities that focused on this method. This article is not meant to focus on Colorado College, but rather the idea of the “Honor System”.

The idea behind this system is students take exams with no professor present in the room…..the school system is purely going on the good faith the students will not cheat. In the event another student does see someone cheat they are to report it to the proper authorities at the school. This gives students trust right away to operate in an honorable manner and empowers students to report those that break the rules. I find this system interesting and it does create a sense of trust from the start……until that trust is broken.

I think the idea of the honor system truly cascades down into other areas of law. In Europe young people can begin drinking at an early age……..we now see marijuana getting closer to it being legal in the near future in many states. It seems that when institutions or states for that matter go on an honor system less problems invade space. Perhaps the notion that everyone has the right to do something makes it less appealing. It may also make that privilege not appear to be that big of a deal. Folks have less to hide when they all are held to the same law. Ultimately we enforce the law or we crucify it, however given a chance to be part of the honor system is an honor in itself.

I find it interesting that many schools…colleges…….have enforced an honor policy. In fact, it is very smart and forces a lesson to be learned from the very start. Sure……many people abuse the rule……however; there are many that enforce it. Didn’t you see Dead Poet Society!!! It was enforced in the end and the students were empowered to stand up for their teacher (headmaster) “Keating”. Great lesson for adults and students. The honor system does not always work, but it does create a unique environment for those that get the chance to touch it.

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