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Women and Family: Going Dark by Brad Weisman

I don’t mean “Going Dark” in the way that implies something depressing, but rather applying the very principal to “focus”. We all (including myself) lack focus and attention to detail on the things that matter.

It is often work and even at times family we might neglect due to a lack of linear focus.

Think about what we do instead of what we are supposed to do on a daily basis:

– Text and email incessantly

– Surf the social channels (primarily FB/Twitter)

– Play around watching Youtube

– Talk on the phone in the car….when we are walking……at work and really everywhere

The list goes on and where does it stop? Well, it is time to realize less is more. And doing less of this gets you closer to some form of success. It means – begin to “go dark” on this kind of behavior.


– Why 10 emails and texts a day? Drop to one a week at most to the respective person you communicate with – Confine social surfing to limited interaction per month. Social engagement is important to keep relevancy, however your family and work trump any of that crap!

– Why watch YouTube reruns of the Chicago Cubs when you can watch your kids grow up?

– Get off the damn phone!

We all have plenty of time to talk on the phone a day, however do we pay attention to the people in front of us or is talking on the phone more important than them? How many times have you bumped into a wall because your head was buried in your friggin phone!!! We all have and it is embarrassing. Stop texting with the person sitting next to you!!! Come on…..really.

“Going Dark” is simply shifting your focus. It is all about placing emphasis on control, direction and improving your execution in whatever is your goal. I am guilty of failing at this, but after this week I am going to “Go Dark”. A close friend trained me to do this years ago and some how it got away from me. “Go Dark” and begin to see your family again and the fruits of your labor. Let’s all behave with Olympic principals and get on the podium.

Please note: That any suggestions are based on personal experiences and knowledge garnered from self-education.  Neither Menofvalue.com or Brad Weisman offer any guarantees or are responsible for the consequences for any advice taken

Bradley D. Weisman


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Walt Alexander

Walt Alexander is the editor-in-chief of Men of Value. Learn more about his vision for the online magazine for American men with the American values—faith, family & freedom—in his Welcome from the Editor.

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