SPORTS by Brad Weisman: Ohio State on Top

As the college football season is just around the corner you can’t help but notice the preseason rankings. Ohio State once again makes its way to number 2 in the early rankings. However, it is important to realize great teams like Ohio State are not just loaded with great talent, but an elite coaching staff. It has been nearly a decade or maybe longer that Ohio State has been ranked as one of the top 10 best football programs in the country. For all intensive purposes, Ohio State is a factory generating potential NFL players.


As fans, we focus so much on winning teams, but it is great coaches that build great players and teams who win national championships. Urban Meyer is the current coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes and he has stepped beyond winning games. He has made it a mission to mold his players into men and promote the importance of education. Now, with that said not every player is going to take to the ways of Coach Meyer, however many do. As a result, Coach Meyer, has been able to produce not only winning teams, but also college graduates who do in fact move onto careers outside of football. His coaching plan has built some of the finest athletes to hit the field…..national championships……..NFL players/coaches…..successful college coaches….and even better college graduates. There is something to be said about college athletes at an elite program that fulfill their education.

Coach Meyer has played a father figure to the players who follow his direction. As a major football program in the Big 10 conference winning national titles translates into big dollars. We can’t dismiss the money being made by the universities and the coaches for that matter. However, along with all that victory is producing college grads. As you watch this 2017 season and see Ohio State continue down the war path of winning game be sure to realize there is a bigger achievement. The production of collegegrads as hard-nosed athletes is a lasting impact for a good future. Keep up the good work Coach Meyer and let’s see college athletes be successful when they leave the field.

By Brad Weisman

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