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Women and Family: Your Family’s Passion Can Drive Profit by Brad Weisman

It is so critical when shaping the future of your career (or your kids) that we all understand the importance of passion. More often than not passion can drive profit. Not just in terms of financials, but also being fulfilled in life, and you can do it together!

This article was sparked by a conversation I had this afternoon. After the call I kept thinking about the general theme of “passion”. Most start-ups often think about how much money they can make…….how much market share they can capture…..and perhaps how much notoriety that comes along with all of that.

However, part of the conversation deferred to that character Paul Teutul from the show American Choppers. Here is a man who most likely manufactured a business strictly through his passion with motorcycles and fabrication. From there he took this art and formed a revenue model. I suspect doing what you “love” provides advantages to making something that is sustaining. We tend to go the extra mile for something to “last” when we love and care about it. Paul most likely did not have a business plan developed predicated on revenue models……..kickers to drive the business……..Intellectual Property…….etc….he had none of that is my best guess. However, he knew what he loved and decided somewhere in life to do what he loved. His love became his business long before a revenue generating TV show.

Do you need to be a “Harvard” grad or have a perfect business deck to get someone behind the business model of today….well, I am sure it helps. However, a passion tempered with some rational ideas….thoughts……..surrounded by the right team and passion could trump the best business deck. We can argue all day what makes a business become successful, however I would still argue all day long that passion is the catalyst. With out it you will never make a dime. The right human capital can often become your largest asset outside of the idea itself. Don’t ever overlook the potential of involving your whole family. They make an average idea gain tremendous momentum. Let your “people” be part of the asset you are building driven by your inner passion.

By Brad Weisman

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Walt Alexander

Walt Alexander

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