Women and Family

Women and Family: Forming Connections by Brad Weisman

Forming connections as you get older becomes a key part of life. It can affect the paths you take and the relationships you sustain. Some help in business and many help in life. This is geared for everyone to learn from.

When working for a company or starting your own thing it is about forming the right connections. What does this mean? It could mean something different for everyone, however I will offer up my own point of view.  I am not any authority figure, however my experiences have taught me a few things worth sharing.

We all go into new situations pushing to get attention where we think certain relationships give us an edge. The truth is putting the right relationships together provides a platform for success. It is also critical to understand one wrong relationship can ripple down. It is so important to think about who you are connecting with and possibly how they all fit into your end goal. Some will make sense and others really may be used for future endeavors. Keep emm all in your back pocket.  Today the world is set up in a way that you can learn about people beyond their linkedin page and social feeds. Digital footprints exist everywhere if you look hard enough.

network cables and servers in a technology data center

It is not just knowing people, but also truly understanding the value you can bring them. Everyone wants to connect to the “right” people, but think about what you can offer them? The right team of folks can take you far internally. The right team of people in your own endeavor are really everything. The best cultures in business are derived from “great” people. Build human assets that connect forming a clear path. It is much easier to land on a landing strip with nothing in your way by forming the right associations.

Please note: That any suggestions are based on personal experiences and knowledge garnered from self-education.  Neither Menofvalue.com or Brad Weisman offer any guarantees or are responsible for the consequences for any advice taken

By Bradley D. Weisman

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