SPORTS by Brad Weisman: The Feet

Is it possible that feet are the starting point for superior athletes? It is a good question that Gary Marinovich has placed emphasis on training the best of athletes at the highest level.

The Marinovich name carried weight in football long before Todd Marinovich hit the field at USC. No matter what you read about Todd – he was a gifted college football player and born with athletic abilities that sustained. Marv (Todd’s dad) and Gary (Marv’s brother) Marinovich were gifted athletes. It started with the hard work they did taking care of the family property. However, it didn’t stop there. The Marinovich brothers took their strength and foot speed to the football field. Marv was a bull that would not move. He did not part with defeat ever. In fact, he was not one to back down to anyone on the football field or in the boxing ring. Yes, he was tough…..arguably he was tougher mentally. Gary was a man of strength and finesse. Perhaps a softer personality, however he was a competitor and body focused. Gary had a strong self awareness and lighter side to his personality. None the less, he was a gifted athlete who was hyper focused. Both went onto play college football at the highest level. Marv was a stand out at USC and went onto play in the NFL for the Raiders. Gary went onto Long Beach State followed up with NFL ties to the Cleveland Browns. Well, it is clear that the Marinovich brothers knew how to work each other into competitive situations that created unusual drive. Along with that drive came two brothers who loved each other and still do today. Such a special relationship only understood by the Marinovich brothers. I could see it in conversation with Gary. He loves his brother Marv. I could feel the depth of love and care they share. It is real….raw…..and meant to be. It has not always been about “sport”.

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Marv pioneered the NFL combine and Gary harnessed those learnings. This lead to a training program focused on Marinovich training principles for high performing athletes. As Marv has backed away from the years of developing and stewing the ingredients Gary is carrying the torch forward. “It all starts with the feet” Gary explained to me. In every sport we start with a base that aligns feet to the ground….ice…..etc. Start with building strength with in the feet and you build something bigger than you realize. These words and ideologies come from the Marinovich brothers who have intellectual capital in building superior athletes.

Today Marinovich Systems is being carried by Gary Marinovich and a young man named Haseeb Chaudry. Haseeb is the young face with superior knowledge and focus to preserve what Gary and Marv built. Gary continues to share and drive what is often avoided in the training room. “It all starts with the feet” rings in my head as I leave Santa Cruz. It makes sense when you think about it. Haseeb is a force with focus……intelligence and postures himself beyond his age. Even better, he cares about what Gary and Marv started. The Marinovich legacy will in fact carry forward through the passion and care of Haseeb.

It didn’t need to start with the feet to understand what the Marinovich brand brought to the football field and training.


Brad Weisman


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