Women and Family

Women and Family: Mentorship by Brad Weisman

As I get older I realize how little I know even though my tenure in life has brought me new found wisdom. It has truly become clear to me that having a mentor all the time is probably not a bad thing. The challenge resides in picking a mentor that can teach you the things you need to know to move forward and have good judgment. I am grateful for the folks who have remained in my collective group of mentors. This article is meant to highlight some of my mentors and the things they have taught me. Wisdom is always worth sharing:

Dad – Taught me to be brave and find the answers
Hap – Taught me the importance of having dreams and going right after each one of them
Marcia – Taught me to be upfront and validate my voice no matter who the audience is
Fred W. – Taught me to laugh and savor life
Fred S. – Bring great thought to the table as you build anything in life
Ed T. – Listen to everyone around you – they ultimately help you arrive at an answer
Harry – He taught me to communicate and ask questions
Uncle Arnie – Taught me to slow down
Fred B. – Taught me to be a man of strength. Not physically, but rather mentally

Truth be told I have all kinds of mentors and the list grows every so often. I do my best to seek out people I can learn from and hopefully they can learn from me. I suppose it goes both ways as everyone wants to learn something new. The best thing in life is we are constantly learning…..evolving……….and half the time unaware.

More often than not, we fail to go after wisdom that comes from those that have sustained a long rich life. It is healthy to draft off of one’s knowledge and years of life. I have found my mentors to become part of my life beyond their teachings. Ultimately, they become life long friends. There is something special about being able to hold onto what you have learned and the relationships you may have forged through mentorship. We can learn from what we experience in the house we grow up in, however it is important to learn from the walls that extend outside of family as well.

By Bradley D Weisman

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Walt Alexander

Walt Alexander

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