SPORTS by Brad Weisman: Duke Can’t Always be on Top

As the NCAA college basketball tournament gets closer we can always look at prior history. Over the years we see the same conferences play strong through the entire season:

* Big 10




However, what is done through the course of the season which means nothing when a team gets to the NCAA tournament. Additionally, we tend to see the same teams make strong appearances when it comes to the tournament. Teams like Duke, Kansas, Virginia, Kentucky, etc. and a few years ago we saw Notre Dame. However, with all the strong teams we see each year there comes an end to that dangerous word we call “dynasty”. For years we have watched Duke be victorious and challenge teams year in and year out. This has been a different year for Duke and one can wonder are they understanding what it is like to not be top every year. In particular, this year has been a time where Duke is not a team being talked about. In fact, less talked about teams are starting to find ways into the tournament. Northwestern has never been a favorite over the years, however it is great to see Coach Collins take a team that has remained quiet through years in the Big 10 and now is being talked about.


However, let’s get back to Duke being a team that is no longer on top. This is also a topic we all tend to find happening in our daily lives. Below illustrates where we sometimes fall short in life when we have been on top most of the time:



* Professional life

* Relationships

* Parenting

The point is we all do are best to prevail and sustain constant success. However, even in life situations outside of sports we can’t always win. The good news is we can be a constant work in progress in life. This means it is ok to fall back every so often to better understand where you can improve. Duke will regroup after this season and undoubtedly move forward once again. The same holds true in life if we take the time to review what we set out to do each year. It is critical to understand what it takes to “win” and what you can do to avoid pitfalls. No team… person…can be at the top of the podium every time. However, we all have the chance to put in the time and listen to others to be at the front of any pack. Life…sports……they all are a journey until we get to the end of the season and we begin to look ahead.

Brad Weisman

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