SPORTS by Brad Weisman: Super Bowl Weekend and Laughing

As we rush into the Super Bowl this weekend we see two teams that clearly have had great seasons. Tom Brady continues to prove that he can drive the Patriots to big games year in and year out. However, the better story is the Atlanta Falcons who have not seen that many Super Bowls through the years. Or is the Super Bowl about the ads? Perhaps the ads may play a bigger role in the game this year vs past games. Why? Well, there seems to be a wavering feeling about the teams that made the big game this year. Less and less fanfare for the big game this weekend than there has been in the past.


The Falcons QB Matt Ryan is a player who clearly has proven he can lead a team down the field no different than Tom Brady. However, the big difference is Matt Ryan is not a Hollywood image player like Tom Brady. In fact, he took it upon himself to get his team to the Super Bowl and ignore the noise many athletes get caught up with. The big issue in this game is lack of excitement overall of the two teams who made it this year.

Let’s get back to the commercials. In the end, many fans watch the game so they can watch the entertainment and commercials. It is funny how so much time and preparation goes into the game, however many people could care less about the game.

Well, in a time when the country is so focused on what is going on in politics the game just might be a great diversion from complete chaos going on in the US and other places around the globe. For one day we can control what we listen to and take in the game….and more importantly laugh at the funny commercials. Humor is universal and a common language for us all to embrace. So with that said – it is about the commercials this year

By Brad Weisman

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