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A Well Thought Out Scream By James Riordan: Strange Sounds Heard Round the World

For over a decade now, people all over the world have been hearing and, in many cases, actually recording bizarre, unexplainable sounds.  Now, we are not talking about a Foghat reunion tour. The sounds are very loud and while they do vary somewhat from occurrence to occurrence they have many common traits.  The first is that they appear to be omni-directional, that is they seem to come from everywhere or nowhere in particular.  Most people that hear them look immediately to the sky and are shocked when there is nothing to be seen.  Many observers have checked with local officials and been surprised to discover that the officials have no explanation whatsoever.  As far as that goes, neither does NASA, the air force, the United States Geological Survey, FEMA or just about any other officials agency.  What are these strange sounds in the sky?  One woman in Canada has recorded the chilling sounds several times.  Take a listen: Encounters with the noise has even caused some people to have vivid nightmares for days after the event. Aaron Traylor captured a recording in Montana in the U.S. on February 18, 2012, and said: ‘I’ve had vivid nightmares ever since I posted the very eerie strange sounds that have Missoula talking and looking towards the sky; awful, awful nightmares. Here are some random comments from people around the globe who have heard the ominous sounds. “My wife woke me from a dream last night where she says I was screaming like she’s never heard me scream before.” “I was taking my daughter out for her daily exercise along with my dog. I started to hear the sounds early on in our little adventure and the first time it was heard my dog perked her ears up and my daughter stopped in her tracks. “ “That sound was identical to the one I had taped later and lasted just as long. Now since I’ve been following this worldwide strange sounds phenomenon for some time, the whole ‘End of the world’ thing popped instantly into my head. “What if this was one of those sounds? I had my phone ready to capture the next one just in case. Sure enough, five minutes later the sound had returned.” “The Missoula rail system is one very loud and unpredictable beast. Trains connecting their loads to another is a sound very familiar to locals. Loud bangs and screeches can be heard from nearly 10 miles away at any given point throughout the day. ‘Still, that doesn’t explain the fan-like whirring sound that can be heard at the start of the recording.” “I’ve lived in this neighbourhood for nearly four years and have heard all kinds of planes coming and going overhead and on the runway. I’ve never heard a plane sound like this before.” “My neighbourhood is very quiet and we were about three blocks away from any busy intersection during the incident. Can’t say I’ve ever heard an automobile of any kind with that kind of noise.” “A video from Germany taken from a window pans onto a street and shows a child frozen still as the chilling sounds echo over the landscape. And in Salz-burgh in Austria the noise is magnified across the Eastern Alps.

Illustration of two power surges intersecting with flash.
Illustration of two power surges intersecting with flash.

 What is the Cause of the Sounds?

Here are the most popular theories, although none has been given any more credence than another by scientists: Tectonic plates grinding – Tectonic plates are pieces of the Earth’s crust and uppermost mantle, together referred to as the lithosphere. The plates are around 100 km (62 mi) thick and consist of two principal types of material: oceanic crust (also called sima from silicon and magnesium) and continental crust (sial from silicon and aluminium). Atmospheric pressure – Atmospheric pressure is defined as the force per unit area exerted against a surface by the weight of the air above that surface. Trains shunting – Self explanatory – noise comes from trains in reaction to the track and overhead wires. Construction – Building works, especially if going on at the same time across a specific area, can lead to similar sounds. Aliens – Can this be an alien lifeform in the sky, perhaps scouring out Earth? HAARP weapon – Rumours persist that the U.S. government uses secret weapons in the sky for defence and weather modifying, the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). This wouldn’t explain the sounds in other countries, however… The Apocalypse and the Seven Trumpets of Heaven – Seven trumpets are sounded, one at a time, to cue apocalyptic events that were seen in the vision of the Revelation of Christ Jesus, by John of Patmos. Somewhat more worrying as it would signal the end of the world. Personally, I like the seven trumpets, but feel free to chose your own theory.  The bottom line is that this is really happening and it’s happening all over the world.


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