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Weekend-Get-Away Wardrobe Essentials

Written & Produced by James Vincent

Christmas is over. New Year’s Eve is a pleasant memory that’s quickly fading away. It’s January now, the dead of winter. You’re back to your work-a-day grind and it’s been kind of tough to start slogging through it again with any enthusiasm. Then, you hear from an old friend with a last minute invite for the weekend to celebrate his engagement. Great, a weekend get-away, the winter blahs start to recede as you plan a quick escape.

Looking good is not always as easy as some guys make it look – some just have a knack for it. Every guy should have a few key essentials in his wardrobe that can be ready at a moments notice. Whether it’s for a quick get-away weekend that might include a fun engagement party, but not quite formal Sunday event, or a stay at home weekend of events. You want to have your wardrobe lined up for the weekend – either because you’ve got to pack it, or you just don’t want to stress about wardrobe options while you kick back and relax or spend quality time with the family.

This brown three piece update on the Glen plaid is a classic for any wardrobe. It’s perfect for work – but, you can also dress it down in a few moments. Reach into your favorite gift from Christmas – the go-anywhere-weekender bag. Grab that denim jacket and your favorite sneakers – throw your suit coat and shoes in their place. Loosen your tie and you’re ready to get in a quick workout, grab dinner and drinks with friends before starting the weekend or get to the airport effortlessly.

Suit, Coppley; Shirt, Geoffrey Beene; Tie, Ike Behar; Pocket Square, Vintage
Suit, Coppley; Shirt, Geoffrey Beene; Tie, Ike Behar; Pocket Square, Vintage.
Jean Jacket, 7 For All Mankind; Belt, Perry Ellis; Weekender Bag, Old Angler.

It’s always great to have a soft, don’t-care-if-it-wrinkles flannel shirt in winter. Whether it’s to pack for a trip to have on hand for a Saturday morning/afternoon of seeing the sights or just lazily lounging around all day doing nothing with friends and family. Ratchet up the look with a good pair of jeans – a dark wash looks great with anything – and they can easily be dressed up later with a jacket.

Shirt & tee, H&M; Jeans, Boss Hugo Boss; Bandana, Levis
Shirt & Tee, H&M; Jeans, Boss Hugo Boss; Bandana, Levis.

For any Saturday evening out – whether to dinner, a gallery opening, whatever – any place that might require more than the usual jeans and a shirt – a good sport coat that can be dressed up or down is a key essential to any mans’ wardrobe. And by good, spend a few extra bucks on it – get something timeless, yet with updated flair. A hounds tooth is definitely a good choice. This one, however, gains star status with soft, brown suede elbow patches and lapel details. It can easily be paired with jeans, gray flannel trousers – or here with a pair of khaki denim jeans. A snap button denim shirt worn over a graphic tee adds casual personality to balance the look.

Sport Coat, Coppley; Khaki Jeans, Joe's; Denim Shirt, Levi's; Tee, H&M; Scarf, Polo Ralph Lauren; Gloves, H&M
Sport Coat, Coppley; Khaki Jeans, Joe’s; Denim Shirt, Levi’s; Tee, H&M; Scarf, Polo Ralph Lauren; Gloves, H&M

As you get more info on the party that you were not quite sure what to bring for – it’s not formal but you know the host all too well and you’re glad you brought that new tux jacket, sans trousers. You’ve already thought about pairing it with the dark wash jeans – but didn’t think it would be quite this soon. You brought a formal tie, and at the last minute, the bow too. You see it all the time in those casino ads and think why the hell not? You’re not ancient yet, they’re REALLY hard to tie – and it’s fun. You’re dressed in no time.

Tux Jacket, Coppley; Jeans, Boss Hugo Boss; Tie, Belt & Pocket Square, Vintage
Tux Jacket, Coppley; Jeans, Boss Hugo Boss; Tie, Belt & Pocket Square, Vintage.

So, now it’s time to relax with the host that you almost upstaged at his own party. Don’t hang around in your underwear like you did in college – bring that Christmas gift (that maybe you exchanged for your own choice). A robe either instantly says Grandpa – or with this update of a classic heritage brand – just says comfortable, adult and relaxed. Add in a pair of flannel pajama bottoms, a Henley tee and it’s a comfortable, sporty, adult morning over coffee.

Robe, Penguin; Pajamas, Geoffrey Beene
Robe, Penguin; Pajamas, Geoffrey Beene.

*All Photography by G. Thomas Ward; Model, Krystian for Ford Models Chicago; Grooming, Ashley Condron; Styling, James Vincent .

The Author

James Vincent

James Vincent

JD Vincent is a freelance visual merchandiser and display designer based in Chicago, IL, with a life-long interest in fashion. He has been a local Chicago display designer for many years and has been an independent contractor in wholesale and retail visual merchandising for 20 years. He started the wholesale tradeshow design company, tradeshowoffs! in 2013. You can see his company’s wholesale and retail projects at His visual merchandising clients have included well-known companies such as Reebok, The North Face, Cartier, the Chicago Merchandise Mart as well as many other local retail and wholesale companies. His product focus in recent years has been in the men’s wear tailored arena. He has honed his professional styling skills with companies such as Hart Schaffner Marx, Zegna, Hickey Freeman, Kenneth Cole, DKNY amongst many others. Mr. Vincent currently resides in Chicago and works as an independent visual merchandiser and designer for both retail and wholesale companies that include, among others, Bobby Jones, Hickey Freeman as well as yet to be discovered new clients.

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